After Kelly Ripa was blindsided being among the very last to know that her co-host Michael Strahan was leaving the show to join Good Morning America full-time, she received enormous backlash. People blasted her decision to take a few days off to "process" being kept in the dark until the last minute, and I'm sure to consider her own future when realizing the possibility that Good Morning America would extend its airtime pushing off her own show into a later time slot. Lots of folks pointed out that for the millions she makes in a single year, they could "process" things while still showing up for work. Diva, prima donna, bitch, spoiled, self-entitled, and more were used to describe her decision to lie low a few days.

Then came the news she was coming back on this morning. Coming back on with Michael Strahan. So how awkward was it? How was it handled?

Take a look at the first few minutes of the show and decide for yourself.

For those outside the business, I'm sure she seems lucky to have the job. For those in the business, it is realized that as well compensated as she is, ABC is making far more off her show. No one in that business is paid that well if the parent company isn't seeing their value. The executives mishandled this. If she had quietly showed up for duty like a little mouse no one would have seen the egg on the faces of those in charge.

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