At the age of forty nine, Christine Shields Corrigan, of Basking Ridge, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a wife, mother and author who chronicles her battle with every woman's biggest nightmare. She has invaluable information and great advice for every woman and everyone who loves a woman in their life.

Her memoir is called "Again: Surviving Breast Cancer Twice With Love and Lists" and is available now on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Some of the more important things she tells in the book are not to go on the internet. It will only fuel the fear and anxiety you're feeling. Also if you withhold information from your family, it may backfire. She also says you may be surprised at the reaction of some of the people in your circle.

Maybe most importantly, she tells women not to go through this alone. Assemble a team of people in your life to help you through the entire process.

It's an important subject that has received a lot of attention, thankfully, in the past several years. This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and every October, brave women come forward to share their story and to give back. This book, by Basking Ridge author Christine Shields Corrigan, is an important read for everyone facing the frightening prospects of going through this battle. It offers invaluable information and hope in a time when it's never been needed more.

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