It was in the mid 70’s, specifically 1975 when Chrysler reintroduced the Cordoba, a car that was priced under a Cadillac and Lincoln but yet had some fine appointments including “rich Corinthian leather.”

The Cordoba was a model that was made from 1975 to 1983. The Chrysler Cordoba had a celebrity spokesperson, actor Ricardo Montalban, who had a very popular role on ABC’s Fantasy Island.

In every commercial Ricardo very elegantly described the rich Corinthian leather. The interior was luxurious, my friend had one and I remember rubbing my hands over the beautiful tufted leather and hearing Ricardo Montalban in my ear describing the beauty.

That “rich Corinthian leather” was supplied to Chrysler from a plant right outside of Newark, New Jersey. That’s right, Corinthian leather, the rich, beautiful, supple leather made right here in New Jersey.

The term Corinthian leather was made up as part of an ad campaign by ad agency Bozell & Jacobs and was first introduced in 1974 when Chrysler rolled out the first Cordoba.

Ricardo Montalban in an interview with David Lettermen was asked what Corinthian Leather was, Ricardo answered it means nothing. It was made up. The name may have been made up but the rich Corinthian leather is a part of Jersey manufacturing.

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