Here's what's coming up on New Jersey’s only all live /all local/ all night show…with me, just a guy with a microphone, a transmitter; and an internet connection.

Spreading the gospel of the Garden State to you all over the world at…on your FM at 101.5, and with you at 1 800 283 101.5, Face book and twitter.

Leading off each hour will be these:

11) As members of the nocturnal Rossi Posse, we tend to live on coffee…now comes word that it will make us live longer, if the hours don’t kill us first. How much of it do you consume? And where do you find the best coffee in Jersey? Poll is up now at

12) The Walmart corporation is being sued for an incident that happened in the Turnersville store by a shopper who claims he suffered emotional distress from a rogue PA announcement telling all black people to get out of the store. Do you feel this is a frivolous lawsuit or does it have merit? Rossi Posse Poll is up right now at

1) Do you feel giving to Covenant House is a worthy cause? And if you had the money, what charity would you give it to? Poll at!

2) The “Brain Tease at 2”, otherwise known as the “Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle”. 38 hundred songs in my iPod, some good, some bad, some totally embarrassing, ranging from Country, to Oldies, to Disco, to RnB, Christmas Songs, ChaChas…Sinatra, Streisand, Michael Buble…you name it. I put the iPod on shuffle, and whatever comes up, comes up.

I’ll still give you two shots. But I also give you the shot at a lifeline. If you can’t guess the first one, either use the lifeline (which will be a clue I’ll devise); and if you don’t get it, just say “pass” and I’ll advance the iPod to the next one.

Guess either the title or the artist on the song that comes up…and you’ll come away with tickets to the the PC Richard’s Nite of Thrills Saturday May 19th!

Plus a round of disco vs commemorate the passing of Donna Summer. Which do you prefer, and the clubs you go to/used to go to to hear it! Only on the all live/all local/all night show…worldwide at…and on your FM at 101.5!

By the way, anytime you want to remain anonymous, just use the code name “shmehghehgheee!”