There’s a hidden speakeasy located in Bristol Borough, PA that you have to grab a drink at with your friends. If you’re looking for an exclusive and secluded spot in Bristol, PA, Daddy Tom’s is for sure the spot for you to go.

The entire downtown area of Bristol is packed with breweries, distilleries, old bars, new bars amazing restaurants, and of course, this amazing speakeasy.


Daddy Tom’s Cocktail Lounge is a hidden gem located right in Bristol that serves up amazing cocktails and snacks when you visit. If you’re familiar with Bristol and are thinking to yourself, “Why have I never seen a sign for this spot?”

It’s because it’s located behind the walls of another bar on Mill Street.


304 Wine and Beer is a little beer and wine tasting room that is also the home to Daddy Tom’s Cocktail Lounge. When you walk into 304 Wine and Beer, there is a large wooden shelf behind the bar that, after 6 pm, opens up into Daddy Tom’s.

Each day Daddy Tom’s Cocktail Loounge will post a secret post on their Instagram story, which will include a password. It changes every day, but to have the doors of the speakeasy opened for you, you must have this password handy.


The entire vibe of the bar is so cool and pays tribute to speakeasies from the early 1900s with suede walls and old framed photos. This is for sure a must-stop when hanging around Bristol with you’re friends! I was just there recently and let me tell you the experience and drinks were amazing.

Daddy Tom’s Cocktail Lounge is located at 304 Mill Street in Bristol, PA, and is open Wednesday to Saturday from 6 pm to 2 am. Follow them on Instagram here and make sure to check for the daily password before you arrive!

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