It's a bird! It's a plane! It's....!!!

Social media has given residents across the country a bigger voice to publicly talk about matters that affect their local communities. These platforms help people spread to word about upcoming events, new businesses, or issues that need to be addressed.

However, residents in one city in New York state have quite a unique and disgusting problem on their hands, and they demand answers. Why is excrement falling from the skies down onto these residents' properties, and what could be done about it?

Fecal Matter Reported Falling From Skies in New York State

WIVB says that a number of people in the City of North Tonawanda are quite upset. According to these residents, over the past month, there have been "several instances" of "fecal matter raining from the sky and hitting several homes."

One North Tonawanda resident has been updating her neighbors on Facebook, as she says "The material showers the area during the afternoon and evening hours." She recently posted, "There’s no comic relief, this shouldn’t be happening."

What is Going On?

An obvious culprit could be planes flying overhead, as lavatories from those aircraft have been known to leak and sometimes drop fecal matter down below. In 2012, a Malverne, Long Island couple told CBS they were "covered in sludge" while enjoying a night outside.

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CBS says that in 2023, residents at a drive-thru in Minnesota reported a falling brown rain, that splattered down on them from above.

It has also been reported outside the U.S. The BBC reported back in 2018, that a chunk of ice weighing over 20 pounds fell on a village in India. The unusual incident shook villagers so much, that some thought it was "an extra-terrestrial object, and even took samples back home."

However, International Aviation Authorities "strongly suspected" that the ice chunk was frozen airline excrement, reports the BBC.

As for the latest occurrence in North Tonawanda, the FAA told WIVB that they are looking into the situation.

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