Tonight, Tuesday, April 9, 2024, there will now be dueling support rallies at the same time and same location.

Steve Young, President of the (Reverend Al Sharpton) National Action Network South Jersey is organizing a counter support rally … which will be in support of the abused children in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

It’s titled:


Previously, a rally for tonight was established to support Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, his wife La’Quetta Small and Constance Days-Chapman … who is the currently suspended Principal of Atlantic City High School.

Days-Chapman faces a number of criminal charges presented by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office as follows:

On Thursday, March 28, 2024, Constance Days-Chapman, the principal of the Atlantic City High School, located in Atlantic City, NJ, was charged with second-degree Official Misconduct, third-degree Hindering Apprehension of Another, fourth-degree Obstruction of Justice, and disorderly persons Failure to Report Child Abuse. The charges were placed on a summons.

Ever since the Small’s and Days-Chapman support rally was announced, many in tthe Atlantic City community have been outraged about why the Small’s have never organized a rally to support the  children in Atlantic City who have been abused.

One such abused child is detailed in official FBI documents as “Minor Child # 1.”

”Minor Chikd # 1” was sexually abused by Marty and La’Quetta Small’s relative, Kayan Fraser.

Fraser lived in the Small’s home at one time. The same home that was raided by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office on March 28, 2024.

Only time will tell, but, it is my considered opinion … that all of the clergy, Councilman Kaleem Shabazz and otters who will be participating and defending the Small’s and Days-Chapman … are all going to be on the wrong side of history.

Here’s a partial list of those who have been advertised that they’ll be attending to support the Small’s and Days-Chapman:

  • Rev. Steffie Bartley, National Action Network,
  • Regional Director.
  • Leroy Jones, State Chairman, New Jersey
    State Democratic Committee.
  • Kaleem Shabazz, NAACP of Atlantic City, President.
  • Pastor Amir Khan, Nehemiah Group.
  • Imam Amin Muhammad, Masjid Muhammad,
    Atlantic City.
  • Bishop R. Fulton Hargrove, II, Fellowship of
    Churches of Atlantic City and Vicinity.
  • Pastor Jerry Smith, Transcend Worship Center.
  • Rev. Derrick L. Green, Interfaith Action Movement.

At 5:00 p.m. tonight (Tuesday, April 9, 2024), at the Civil Rights Garden … the residents of Atlantic City now have a choice … as there will be dueling rallies … to support actual abused children, or, three self-serving politicians?

SOURCES: Steve Young and various Hurley in the Morning on-air interviews.

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