Even though New Jersey's population is outside the top ten states in America, The Garden State has outperformed its size in many areas.

Did you know that New Jersey has six of Forbes Best Employers located in The Garden State?  Also, New Jersey generated over One Billion Dollars in Sports Gambling Revenue while the Recreational and Medical Cannabis Industry brought in over $800 Million in revenues.

So it should be no surprise that New Jersey may also be luckier than most of the United States.  The website US Betting Report gathered information about all the Powerball Jackpot Lottery winners since 2010 and organized them by state. Their research found that New Jersey is one of only four states that have at least 10 Powerball Jackpot winners.

Overall, New Jersey is the fourth luckiest state for Lottery players in the United States with 11 Powerball Jackpot winners since 2010. On average, only one in every 292 million lottery players win the Powerball Jackpot. But in The Garde State, those odds increase to 11 out of 9.321 Million, an increase of luck by over 31 percent.

The Top Nine Luckiest States For Powerball Players In America

1. Florida - 14 winners
2. California: 14
3. New York: 13
4. New Jersey: 11
5. Tennessee: 7
6. Pennsylvania: 6
7. Missouri: 6
8. Michigan: 5
9. Arizona: 5

Now I would never tell anyone how to spend their disposable income or persuade anyone to gamble on any game of chance. But considering there are fewer Powerball Jackpot players in New Jersey than in Florida, California, and New York, your best odds to win the lottery is in The Garden State.

New Jersey has 11 Powerball Jackpot winners since 2010
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If you feel compelled to use your money to gamble or you are a compulsive bettor, you may have a gambling problem to please call 1-800-Gambler for help.

For those who do win the Powerball Jackpot, you may want to consider buying a home in one of these New Jersey Counties:

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