How can you make something good into something great?

You get the most popular football player on the Philadelphia Eagles to join your team!

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Jason Kelce retiring from the Philadelphia Eagles

So, what's next Jason?

Here's what we have in mind:


Cat Country 107.3 wants Jason Kelce to join the Cat Country Morning Show with Joe and Jahna

Jason Kelce, we'd love for you to join our show!

You'll sit in with Jahna and me every morning from 5:30 - 10 am, co-hosting South Jersey's most popular morning radio show!

Compensation: How does this sound? A big salary! (Not as big as the NFL, but...well, not even close to what the Eagles were paying you. Actually, we may not pay you at all - we wouldn't want to insult you by offering you actual money)

Jason, we'll also set you up with FREE concert tickets! (To see almost anyone - although we figure you can score Taylor Swift tickets on your own.)


Jason, you can blow up Bella!

As part of your job, Jason, we'll teach you how to put up a big 25-foot-tall cat! (Your kids are going to LOVE Bella!)

I asked Jahna what she thought of you joining our show, and she was excited! "Where is he going to sit? Does he like it cold in the studio, too? Does this mean I'll be paid even less?"

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs
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Call us Jason!

Jason, we're ready to add you to the Townsquare Atlantic City team! Have your people call us, and let's roll!

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