New Jersey is known to be one of the most crowded states and usually our houses are right on top of each other, and we are loud.

Our roadways are always jam packed, especially in the summer. But, I feel they have gotten more crowded throughout the year, not just summer.

natasaadzic, getty images
natasaadzic, getty images

There are several places in New Jersey that are surprisingly quiet towns, according to Sparta, Walpack Township, Mahwah, Belvidere, and more.

What are the three towns that are the quietest at the Jersey Shore that made the list?

There are two in Ocean County and one in Monmouth County. I love the fact you can listen to us now in Monmouth County on 96.7. The Monmouth County town that made the quietest town is Allenhurst.

The Ocean County towns that are on the quietest list are Manchester Township and Harvey Cedars. There's something about that laid back feelings when you head to this beach town on Long Beach Island.

Manchester Twp. has a lot of trees and open areas that we don't see a lot of here in Ocean County. And the man-made lake, Pine Lake Park with it's own little beach island is adorable.

There are some "quiet" places in New Jersey. If you're lucky enough to live in one of these beautiful, quiet areas of New Jersey, enjoy the peace and quiet. Just a couple of years ago, several towns that didn't make this list were also quiet, except for the building of so many houses in our little shore towns. There is no more peace and quiet.

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