Von Miller is allegedly in trouble with the law in Dallas.  It got me thinking, how many other Bills have been arrested?

It feels like every year there are at least a couple of professional football players (and staff) that have gotten themselves into trouble with the law.  Some of them are serious charges...others are just stupid.  The charges include everything from reckless driving, DUI, gun charges, disorderly conduct, and more

There will always be the people out there who will then paint the team with one wide brush as a bunch of criminals but I disagree.  You can normally count on one hand in the time span of a year how many players are getting themselves into trouble. Granted, there's no stat for the number of professional athletes who have been given a "pass" because of who they are.  I'm not naive enough to think that just because someone hasn't got a record they are squeaky clean.

However, the rest are normally either laying low or giving back to the community.  So I would venture to say that the people on this list are the exception to the rule instead.

Also, these just mark the moments of the arrests.  They don't mention whether or not they were found guilty on the arrest.  It just says that they have a record.  They weren't all arrested in Buffalo and unfortunately, we had to cut the list off somewhere so it only includes arrests that happened after the year 2000.  So the arrests of people like OJ Simpson and Bruce Smith are not on this list.  These are only from 2000 to present.


Full List Of Buffalo Bills Who Have Been Arrested Since 2000

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