There have been so many campaigns lately to stop texting while driving. Everyone agrees that something needs to be done to prevent texting behind the wheel but no one seems to have the answer as to what to do about it.

It has been noted in the past that texting while driving is as dangerous as drinking while driving. They are compared because of the level of impairment and distraction both cause the driver.What makes it worse is the fact that the majority of the drivers who take part in texting while driving are young and inexperienced behind the wheel.

But will there ever be a solution or a cure to this? Jim suggested this morning that if you really want people to stop texting while driving, make the penalties similar to those of being caught drinking and driving. You got caught texting while diriving? Your license is suspended. Would that put an end to it?

Would making the penalties that harsh finally stop people from texting while driving or is that too harsh? Comment below with your ideas as to how we should remedy this problem and take our poll as well.