Jim Gearhart recently came across a discussion about the vulnerabilities in our electrical grid. It could be knocked out for a long time by foreign actors, or sunspots ... heck, even something as simple as a series of nasty storms.

What would we do?

It would be bad enough at any time, but in the height of the novel coronavirus crisis, we'd be cut off from so many of our critical needs.

"Without electricity for an extended period of time -- you've got nothing," Jim says in the latest edition of the weekly Jim Gearhart Show podcast and Facebook Live show.

You couldn't text. Those Zoom and Facetime calls helping us all keep up human contact in isolation? Forget about those.

Many of us who have the means and live near a store that offers it have been ordering our groceries for pickup or delivery, keeping us safer and out of the aisles. Just about everyone buys some of their important goods online.

"You would have no source of communication, because we depend on electricity for so much," Jim says.

And to Jim's point -- hail storms and serious wind brought down power lines this week. Weather watchers investigated the possibility of a tornado. Most had their power back in just a few hours, or maybe up to a day. But what if we had another Sandy? What if power was out for days, or weeks?

What if we never knew when it might come back?

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