It's fair to say we would all like to see the temperature concerning political discussions be turned down ... a lot. Stockton University is making an attempt to do just that starting in January. Here are a couple of problems. First, a lot of the nonsense and acrimony that gets pumped into these unsuspecting rubes who pay a king's ransom to go for a worthless "education," comes from the faculty of these "esteemed institutions.

So when a non-"woke," semi-conservative, kind-of-traditional student dares speaks up, they're shunned or shouted down. God forbid if a conservative speaker comes to campus, they're treated worse than a leader of ISIS. If college administrators really want civil discourse, they wouldn't tolerate this intolerant climate that exists on many college campuses.

Now as far as the program at Stockton initiated by the William J. Hughes Center for public policy there, they will be working with the NICD. That's the National Institute for Civil Discourse, whose co-chairwoman is none other that former NJ Governor Christine Todd Whitman. The same Christine Todd Whitman, that just one month ago tweeted out that "Hitler has nothing on Trump." Now there's a woman who shows just how highly qualified she is to preach civil discourse.

If you want civil discourse on college campuses in New Jersey, tell your professors to stop preaching hate in politics in all classes. Then tell students if they don't like the ideas they're hearing, challenge them with reason and respect. If they don't, then throw them out! Problem solved. You don't need over-educated, highly titled empty suits with a bunch of acronyms at the end of their names belonging to an organization filled with other self important talking heads to start an "initiative." You just need to tell some students to S T F U! If you can't figure that out then you just haven't been spoken to plainly enough.

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