Meet Cecilia. Cici for short. She’s one of the cooler D&D listeners. Totally down to earth, always willing to share and to help others, and during a pandemic really knows her way around an adult diaper.

Wait, what?!

You heard me. Cici was one of our many 'Share Your Mask' Selfie contestants. After that contest was over we spent an hour taking calls on what exactly people were doing for a mask these days. Bought one? Made one? How weird did it get? Etc.. Cici called in trying to explain how you can take an adult diaper and easily convert it into a mask without any sewing or any alterations.

Not being familiar with adult diapers, we had questions. Cici had answers. Turns out she made a video of how to do it that she was more than happy to share with us.

She says this same video was set to music on TikTok and got over 30,000 hits as of Friday afternoon. Hey, there are worse legacies to leave!

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