By Candace Adams

How do you feel about the service you receive from your utility? Would you be willing to pay up to 10% more for your electricity next year? If you’re not thrilled at the idea of a rate increase, you’re not alone. We've partnered with Trinity Solar to show you how solar can help you avoid some of these big rate increases.

A recent AARP survey of 800 members across the Garden State uncovered that 46% of New Jerseyans are “extremely concerned” and 25% are “somewhat concerned” about the rising cost of electricity in the state. According to Evelyn Liebman, associate state director for advocacy for AARP New Jersey, a whopping “60% of respondents do not believe that state elected officials are doing enough to reduce the cost of electric bills.”

Many New Jersey residents are still recovering from Superstorm Sandy and chances are your utility company is still recovering as well. New Jersey’s infrastructure took a beating when Sandy made landfall last October – PSE&G brought in 4,000 out of state line workers and tree trimmers, replaced or repaired over 2,400 utility poles and trimmed or removed over 48,000 trees. JCP&L cut and cleared 65,000 trees, replaced 6,700 utility poles, 19,200 cross-arms, 3,600 transformers, and 400 miles of wire.

Proposals have been introduced to the BPU suggesting that utility companies would like approval for rate increases in the coming year; according to NJBIZ, Atlantic City Electric requested $69.7 million in reliability investments, JCP&L filed for $603 million for Sandy related repairs, and PSE&G made headlines by proposing “Energy Strong,” a 10-year, $3.9 billion infrastructure program to boost the grid’s reliability and resiliency for years to come.

Traditionally, these expenses are passed along to the ratepayers. However, there are more than 22,014 New Jersey homes and businesses that will not experience the financial impact of storm related utility repairs. Clean, renewable, solar energy is an excellent way to take control of your utility expenses; whether you’re investing into solar and experiencing double digit returns, or going solar for free and experiencing immediate savings and a locked in rate for 20 years, both options allow you to hedge against the rising cost of electricity.

Thanks to Trinity Solar for providing us some great information as to how solar energy can help cut those rising energy costs. For more information, you can visit their website by clicking HERE.