We've talked before about things people do to their cars that drive you crazy. Like the antlers on the roof at Christmastime. The Truck Nutz. The female eyelashes surrounding the headlights.

I was driving this weekend and saw this guy who was old school with dressing up his vehicle. Just a bumper sticker or two. Or eighteen. We've pixelated out his license plate for privacy purposes obviously. And if that makes this guy happy hey, his car. Or you know what? Maybe not one of these was put on the car by him. Perhaps he bought it used with these already on it. They do look pretty old. You can never know.

Bumper stickers have just never been my thing. Actually I don't do anything to dress up my car. I figure the guys who went to school for engineering and design and went through hundreds of exterior design drafts before they got what they wanted probably know best what the car should look like. If folks want to deviate from that so be it. It's their car. All I know is as much as bumper stickers aren't my thing, I'd take this car in a heartbeat over one with a stick figure family.