Erin Pein is a school nurse who raised some important questions over the past few months when it comes to kids in masks. She's a medical professional and likely knows a bit more about human health that the school administrators who suspended her. She joined me on Friday morning to tell her story.

The amazing thing is that as a medical professional, she only wanted to raise a question and in her words, start a dialogue with the administration and superintendent on the efficacy and potential health dangers from masks. She was shut down. Not even allowed to raise a question with the school administration. So she acted, she took off her mask and was escorted off school property. Now she's suspended without pay.

Can you imagine being a knowledgeable, informed medical expert and being silenced by high paid bureaucrats blindly following the governor's immoral, unethical and I suspect illegal Executive Orders? What's even more criminal on the part of these superintendents and school administrators is the orders come with exceptions. If the administrators simply took the actual order from the governor and posted it and left the discretion up to the school nurses, there wouldn't be a controversy because most kids would be able to opt out.

We already know that kids are way less vulnerable to COVID than adults and even with it they are likely to have no symptoms at all. We also know that they are not super spreaders. So the kids are safe and not threatening to adults, what is the justification for masks on school kids? That's almost a rhetorical question because the mask cult cannot provide any factual evidence to justify the policy. The critical thinkers who oppose this nonsense however can provide a ton of evidence on the dangers. Nurse Erin Pein weighed in as a professional providing yet another voice of common sense pointing out the bacterial dangers from the masks.

Let me be clear, the pro-mask cult is harming children. Not just the physical dangers of masking all day, but the anxiety, fear and isolation is causing a spike in mental health problems, suicide and substance abuse. As we pass though 411+ days of the absurd "15 days to stop the spread" it's time to stand with the courageous normals like Nurse Erin Pein.

Shame on the six-figure superintendents and school administrators who are so scared for their own jobs that they would sooner harm children than stand up for common sense and reason. I think about their cowardice every time I hear of another high schooler ending their life or the 11-year-olds calling the suicide hotline. Erin thinks about it too. And she's fighting back.

Join her and other school nurses and angry parents at the Stafford Township Arts Center on 1000 McKinley Ave. in Manahawkin on May 10th at 4:30 p.m. The Board of Elections is meeting. Let your voice be heard. Fight the masks. Stand up for normal. Fight for your kids. Stand with heroes like Erin Pein. You can't be neutral in this fight if you want to get back to any sense of normalcy in the Garden State.

If you need legal help fighting back against mask mandates and mandatory COVID vaccines please sign up for legal help here:

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