Can you say "ethnic food" in this day and age of politically correct speech? I don't care, it's more important to paint the picture of great food than cater to the nonsense that is dividing our culture beyond repair.

Food is a great unifier. Food transcends party lines, ideological positions, and attitudes. Coming together to break bread is one of the oldest human traditions and it is the only way I like to start off my political events.

As you know, Jodi and I are making our way across the state on our Common Sense Town Halls, and it's been a great experience. Not just meeting great people but enjoying great food.

Jodi and Bill Spadea
Jodi and Bill Spadea

My friend George and his wife Elizabeth have hosted many events for our organizations and missions. And at almost every event, Goerge shows off his creative talent in the kitchen.

One evening in particular was no exception as he prepared the house specialty "lamb kafta". Delicious. Of course, I don't eat before I speak and interact with prospective supporters opting to eat at the end of the event.

Check out these ethnic places in NJ voted by you:

Aires De Colombia in Bradley Beach

The Spain Inn in Piscataway

Neelam Indian Cuisine in Berkeley Heights

Labebe in North Brunswick

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