Nothing like a little "embroglio" between public officials.

This one should go down as the pot calling the kettle black!

Yesterday, former Senator Bill Baroni defended Port Authority toll hikes as being “fair”; but called the bluff of “alter kakor ” Senator Frank Lautenberg, saying he “went decades without paying a single toll, according to this report.

Seems the esteemed Senator, while serving as commissioner of the Port Authority from 1978 to 1982, had for decades received a free pass for tolls.

Yes, I know, that’s one of the perks of the job, or was one of the perks…but the Senator has some nerve saying, “I’m not going to permit you to continue with this silliness,”, cutting off Baroni. “I want you to answer this question. Is this fair? Is this toll increase fair to the public at large?”

Give Cheech his due!

The Senator might be on to something. The toll increases clearly are NOT fair, given the fact that the Port Authority is now in the real estate business (see WTC).

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And political "hackdom" isn't limited to one party!
(Baroni, albeit a nice guy, is a Republican appointed by Governor Christie!).

Anyone who's followed New Jersey politics knows that the Port Authority has been a dumping ground for former politicians and political appointees. (Former DCA commissioner and Cherry Hill mayor Susan Bass Levin, and former Jim McGreevey Chief of Staff Jamie Foxx had both served as Deputy Executive Directors.)

But why doesn’t the esteemed Senator go the Buffett route, reach into his pocket first and reimburse the PA for toll money he got away with back when.

“People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!”

Do you really want this guy back in 2014?

C’mon now!

But still, despite the political chicanery, do you think Senator "Cheech" is onto something?

Do you really believe the toll raises at the Port Authority crossings can really be called "fair"?

Really, Bill!

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