Jim received an email from a listener hoping to help a couple that lost everything during Superstorm Sandy find their beloved rottweiler Sarge who is lost in Toms River.  Here is the email that Jim received:

I listen to your show daily and knowing your love for Rottweilers and was hoping you could help. Sarge is a 160lbs rottie that went missing 14 days ago. His family lost everything they had during Hurricane Sandy, the father of Sarge (Anthony) took was retirement money he had left and bought a house in Holiday City in Toms River. As you could imagine Sarge was out of sorts moving into a much smaller house and smaller yard. His new home has stray cats and Sarge was able to let himself out of the house to chase a cat. Sarge’s parents are older and weren’t able to catch him in time and before they knew it he was gone. He ran off into the woods and now has no sense of how to get back. He has never been away from his owners. He ran towards the parkway and Four Seasons Community but we can’t get in there to hang flyers.

If you could announce for people in that general area to PLEASE keep an eye out . The family has been through so much and they just want their baby boy back. I have attached his flyer (seen below). Anything you could do would be great.

NJ1015 Listener