With so much attention towards the shooting of a six-year-old Toms River boy by his four-year-old playmate, measures on gun safety are being brought into the forefront.

Flickr User colmmcsky
Flickr User colmmcsky

The Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office continues to investigate the death of six-year-old Brandon Holt, who was shot in the head with a .22 caliber rifle wielded by a four-year-old boy. No charges have been filed against the family of the four-year-old, but questions remain.

How was the gun obtained from the house by the child, why was it loaded, and where were the parents during the incident?

Cyrus Servaai, owner of Pinelands Sports Store in Jackson, says he discusses safety options with all customers who purchase a firearm, especially if they have children in the home.

"I tell them if they have kids in the house, please don't leave the guns outside," says Servaai.

By law, guns are required to have some sort of safety component on them. However, Servaai notes it's up to the gun's owner to enforce it.

According to Servaai most guns come with a built in trigger lock, however, there are numerous additional methods that are available.

For most people gun safes are the well known option. Servaai says those can range in price and feature anything from a lock-box style container, incredibly heavy floor mounted cabinet, or model with fingerprint scanning methods.

But, cost doesn't determine the effectiveness of the safety measures. Servaai notes gun and trigger locks can be very inexpensive.

"You can have a combination lock which locks up your trigger assembly, some of them lock up your chamber and actually like a regular lock with a longer chain that goes around it."

Servaai says many trigger locks can start in the five dollar range and do the same job as their counterparts costing 10 times the amount, and will usually last for as long as you own the gun.

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