By Jeff Deminski

On last night's Ask The Governor, Gov. Christie once again proved he doesn't care about the ongoing money grab called the Red Light Camera Pilot Program.

Here's his quote:

“I know Declan is all fired up about this and good for him, but I gotta tell you the evidence that’s been put forward most recently to me and I’ve reviewed it is very unconvincing,” said Christie last night. “Be a responsible driver. Don’t run a red light. Don’t run a red light. I mean, this isn’t hard. It just isn’t.”

He's speaking of Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon, a champion of the cause of abolishing the reverse ATMs known as red light cameras. And the evidence put forward is very unconvincing? Really Governor? You be the judge. Take a look at this hard to argue with video O'Scanlon put together showing red light camera intersection after red light camera intersection where the yellow lights are shorter than they are legally supposed to be.

Check out the video, courtesy of, below.

The longer you watch, the more you'll realize the governor is way off. As you watch and you see that these lights are short by a tenth of a second or two, keep in mind that the vast majority of tickets issued by the red light cameras are triggered in that time frame. Drivers barely clipping the light makes up almost all of the cash cow avalanche of tickets for these towns.

So one, the lights are clearly illegally timed and two, if they weren't, the towns wouldn't be making the hand over fist amounts of money they are. I support Chris Christie on many things, but it's sad we have a governor who has no common sense on this issue.