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Someone is moving halfway up my street. Like many people do when they're heading to a new place, they are purging. Letting go of things they don't need anymore. In this case I assume their kids are now a little too old for this play structure. Time to go.

Whereas my youngest two children are 2 and 3 and a half. They already have a swing set with a slide and climbing wall. But they don't have something like this. It immediately caught my eye along with the 'free' sign taped to it. I don't have a pick up truck, so I'd either have to disassemble it right there in front of this person's house (awkward) or get my oldest son to help me simply walk it back home about 2,000 feet.

But can I become that guy?

I've certainly put things out to the curb hoping someone would come along and take them. But I've never done it the other way around. I've never been the taker. And I can't mentally get beyond the thought you're a trash picker.

Silly I'm sure. It's out there because they want it gone. I have young kids who would like it. But then there's also the thought is there something wrong with it?

So I'm putting this up as a non-binding referendum. If it's still there when I drive home down my street tonight, should I go back for it? Take our poll.

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