Former Marine JJ Hanson who is currently battling terminal brain cancer is an advocate against the Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act. JJ joined me on air to tell his story and discuss why he is such an advocate against bill S382A .

"I was told I only had 4 months to live. My first doctor told me to go home and enjoy what time I had left with my family," Hanson stated. "Now about 20 months later, I'm still alive and the brain cancer is in remission."

When I asked Hanson about his strong position on the words "dying with dignity" and the death with dignity bill, he said that he would  tell the NJ legislators voting on this bill "not so fast." Hanson said "I was told you don't have an option. You can die dignified if you commit suicide. Whoa, wait a second. The whole terminology is flipping on its head. If you give up and you don't fight, somehow you're compassionate and dignified. But if you want to fight and you want to live, you lack compassion and dignity. To me it just doesn't make sense. It's kind of a reflection of where our society is."

Listen tot the entire interview I conducted with JJ in the YouTube clip above. Also, check out the inspirational video JJ Hanson created below.


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