Gurbir #FakeCop Grewal is likely the most anti-cop Attorney General we have ever seen in New Jersey's history. With all the partisan people who have held the office, none have stooped so low as to endanger public safety for their own personal agenda.

With the Immigrant Trust Directive, Gurbir made New Jersey a "Sanctuary State". This directive which he explains in a very Orwellian way as a 'necessary tool to create trust among immigrant communities' is anything but that. The reality is that the directive prohibits cooperation and information sharing between local and federal law enforcement leading to many violent criminals slipping through the cracks to prey on innocents.

We've talked about the accused child rapist who was let out of jail only hours before Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents came to legally detain him. You know the name Carolina Cano, the 45-year-old legal immigrant from Peru working as a nanny in Jersey City. She was brutally raped and strangled to death by a man who had been deported twice and then re-entered the country illegally again. Her rape and murder took place nine days after Gurbir's Sanctuary State policy took effect in March 2019.

Gurbir, Phil Murphy, Tammy Murphy and Steve (Senate President Steve Sweeney) seem to think it's OK to endanger the lives of people in the community and Law Enforcement Officers all in the name of resisting President Trump. It's a sick and dangerous game of politics these privileged boors are playing. And they are playing it with your money and the lives and safety of innocents.

As I have been discussing for years, there has to be a distinction between different groups of illegals. There are those who were brought here through no fault of their own as babies or children who are productive members of the community. There are those who came here legally and have overstayed their legal residency, many because of the onerous nature of the process and exorbitant cost of gaining legal status.

For these two groups, I'm a bit of a liberal. Give them an opportunity to achieve legal status. Make sure that they don't commit crimes and working with ICE and DHS to verify and authenticate any foreign documents, we can put them on a pathway to a legal residency and in some cases, citizenship. If they served in our military, I'd say a fast track to citizenship.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley joined me on the morning show Tuesday to discuss the value of legal immigration and the dangers of the current Sanctuary State and City policies.

The focus of Immigration Enforcement and the White House has been from day one on the third group. Not the kids brought here, not the single moms working three jobs to feed their families, not the hard working men who wait on street corners hoping to grab a few bucks to support their wives and children from day labor. No, the focus of targeted enforcement from ICE are the criminal aliens.

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The fugitives from justice who have either been convicted of crimes including rape and murder or are facing similar legal accusations. And these are the criminals who prey on the innocents. Theses are the criminals who endanger the safety of victims in the immigrant community. These are the aliens who should be arrested and locked in a cage so they cannot continue to torment their victims who are too often immigrants themselves.

The job of DHS and ICE agents is to carry out the legal mission under the Immigration and Nationality Act. That is their charge from Congress to enforce our nations immigration laws. Do we need to fix what's broken in order to separate the criminals from the legitimate people escaping the horrors of the third world? Yes. But first we have to rid our communities of the cancer that is the rapists, murderers, child predators and domestic abusers who are given sanctuary by the policies of Gurbir Grewal ad other progressives in our state.

Thankfully, help is on the way. The arrogance of Gurbir and his cohorts will not be enough to fight the legal action coming from the US Attorney General William Barr. Under Barr's leadership, the Department of Justice has sued New Jersey, naming Murphy and Gurbir in the complaint.

The mission of the DOJ is simple. Stop New Jersey politicians from obstructing the enforcement of federal laws which Congress enacted to regulate immigration. It's simple enough. Allow ICE to benefit from the cooperation of Law Enforcement and information sharing that the 9-11 commission pointed to as one of the major failings on 9/11/2001.

Bottom line is to remove dangerous predators from our neighborhoods. It's what local and state Law Enforcement want to do. It's what legal immigrants want to see done. Protection from criminal aliens is a basic right afforded to Americans and that protection is being directly thwarted by the actions of the New Jersey AG. Thankfully there are courageous and strong leaders in Washington willing to stand up for New Jersey when our own leaders have failed us so miserably.

Hey Gurbir, just another quick reminder, her name is Carolina Cano. See you in court.

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