Sneezing and sniffles are not limited to spring and summer.


Flickr / Jim Crocker[/caption]Fall allergies can be just as bad or worse than in the warmer months.  The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says that 40 million Americans suffer from fall allergies.

This time of year, weeds, and other vegetation releases pollen.  Mold grows underneath fallen leaves.

I've found a few tips that could make you feel more comfortable.

Consider buying a dehumidifier.  Dust, and especially mold flourish in humid conditions.

After spending time outdoors, wash your skin and hair.  Pollen loves to live on those places.

Do not hang your clothes or bedding to dry outside.  If they're on the clothesline they'll collect pollen.

I know the weather is getting cold, but the experts say to run your air conditioner in the bed room  at night on low.  The AC will filter out the pollen.

And, if you need to, see a doctor.  If your symptoms persist, you may need an allergy test.

I hope this may help you feel a bit more comfortable.  In the meantime.  Gesundheit!



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