Another ridiculous and unnecessary burden put on NJ businesses.

Now, thanks to the Democratic majority and stand-in Governor Sheila Oliver (yes, Murphy's back in Italy), employers can no longer ask a very important question of prospective employees: How much did you make at the last job?

On the surface it sounds fair right? It's anything but. Although some younger workers have been duped by craven lawmakers, who can't solve real problems and complicit media talking heads into thinking that jobs have value and not people.

I've interviewed hundreds of people over the years and one of the key points of information employers benefit from is salary history. The job itself does not have value outside of the person and the employer. State lawmakers want you to believe that people simply fit into a category and everyone doing a job should get paid what the job is worth. What a bunch of nonsense.

First of all, a company is taking a huge risk hiring someone for a lower paying job when that person just left a top dollar position. They are a much higher risk to leave if something better comes along. Government has no business getting involved into the conversation at the interview level. Another reason why people in NJ feel that their government is doing nothing to lower taxes and create opportunity.

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