Memories of a bad nightmare can stay with you for a long time. Last Halloween, we collected your submissions for your scariest nightmare — and you really creeped us out! Some are scarier than others. Some are downright weird. You can read all of the nightmares below. We hope it gets you in the Halloween spirit!

  • Julian’s nightmare may have predicted the future

    This nightmare occurred when I was a teenager. I can remember the dream from start to finish and it has stayed with me my entire life.

    The dream started with me passing by a South Carolina sign on a building of non-importance, 5 seconds later lightning struck a few clicks away and got closer and closer. Eventually the lightning revealed a massive F4 tornado, so I started running in the other direction. As everything was being ripped to shreds, I jumped into a car with my mother and grandparents and started driving frantically down a highway that seemed to go into the hills. As the speed of the van increased, I looked back at the tornado and it was chasing us. We could hardly see the road, and soon enough we were going up a steep incline. Next thing you know we became airborne. While we were in mid-air, a massive lightning bolt struck the car and I awoke immediately to a thunderstorm around 3am at night.

    The next day before school, I was watching the news with my mom when I saw the most horrifying story. The newscasters were reporting on a tornado in South Carolina with the same brown sign I saw in my dream the night before, but with a turned over truck in front of it. I will never forget the feeling of disbelief I had in that moment.

  • How ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ led to Barbara’s chilling nightmare Read More: How 'Night Of The Living Dead' led to Barbara's nightmare

    Let me start by saying my name is Barbara and my brother’s name is Johnny. I had this nightmare in 1973 right after I got married. My then husband and I went to the Newark Drive In to see Night of The Living Dead. To this day, I do not watch horror films, as that one did it for me. It was actually on a TV movie station the other night and I thought about DVRing it, but just could not. That is how bad this film affected my brain.

    At the time, my husband worked the night shift at his job. I fell asleep one night while he was at work, and the next thing I know, I was hearing a voice. I heard, “Barbara,” “Barbara,” then mumbling and “Barbara,” “Johnny.” I heard what could only be explained as a crashing sound in the bathroom. I walked in to see what the noise was and noticed the window had a hole in it. What the hell was going on? I got closer and closer, when suddenly a dead man’s face appeared right there in front of me. I ran back to my bedroom and the bedroom window made a crashing sound as I was locking the door behind me. Again, I’m hearing “Barbara,” “Barbara.” I turned around and all I can see are bloody arms and dead people trying to reach in to grab me. There was blood all over the window and bodies.

    They started to crawl into the window, so I ran into the living room, only to find more dead bodies trying to crawl through that window as well. I ran down the steps to my front door and flung it open to escape. Bodies were crawling down the steps and sliding down the banister, hands coming at me, I could feel one on my neck, on my shoulder. Somehow I finally got the front door to open. I remember screaming so hard I couldn’t breathe when suddenly the door opened up. There stood my brother Johnny, all bloodied with a bullet hole in his forehead and drool coming down from his mouth and a smile on his face saying “Barbara!” I then woke up with a pounding heart.

    Yep, I hate that movie. Could not even bring myself to DVR it last night.

  • Nancy’s scariest nightmare involves losing her mom in a terrifying way

    I was 8 when I had this nightmare. I am now 49 and it’s still so vivid.

    I was walking with my mom to the store. She went inside and I waited outside. As it started to get dark, I went into the store to look for her. She wasn’t there. I walked around the outside and found her hanging from a cross on the side of store. I asked her why she was hanging on a cross and she said because I lied.

  • In Sara’s nightmare, nobody can hear her scream

    A few years ago, while I was in undergrad, I took a nap in the afternoon after I’d stayed up most of the night studying for an exam. I fell asleep on my back, which I don’t normally do, and I think because I was in this position, I had an episode of sleep paralysis. I’m not sure if you’ve ever experienced this, but basically you think you’re awake still, even though you’ve started to fall asleep and dream, and you’re aware that can’t move your body.

    So in this dream, I knew I was lying in my bed, but there was someone with me in the room. I tried to say my roommate Lauren’s name, but I couldn’t talk or make any noise at all. I heard movement behind me, but I couldn’t turn my head to see where the noise was coming from exactly. I tried to call out again to Lauren, and I heard what sounded like Lauren say back to me, “Shh…Lauren’s not here. It’s just you and me.” Then I really started to get scared and tried to get up, but no matter what I did, my body just would not respond to my brain telling it to move. “You need to get up,” the voice said to me. I still couldn’t see it, and I knew it wasn’t Lauren even though it sounded like her. I was really getting freaked out, and I was frustrated trying with all my might to scream, but I still couldn’t make any sound at all. I felt trapped inside my body, and wanted desperately to get out of it. I felt completely powerless to do anything. “You need to get up or you’ll miss your exam,” it said, even though I had already taken the exam, but it was still on my mind and I was still stressed about it.

    I started to feel like I was going to panic, because I thought I needed to go take the test. My legs wouldn’t move and I tried to calm myself down by taking deep breaths. It suddenly occurred to me that there was something heavy on my chest. I couldn’t breathe. That’s when I realized that the thing with Lauren’s voice was kneeling on my chest, and I finally saw it. It looked like a solid shadow, and it’s face was blurred so I couldn’t make out what it looked like. I remember thinking if I could just roll over, it would have to get off me. I still heard the movement behind me, so I knew then there were two of them in there with me. For some reason then, I knew they were coming for my soul, and there was nothing I could do to stop them. I was trapped inside my body and I couldn’t even cry, even though I wanted to so badly. I kept trying to move and scream, and the thing kept whispering to me until my roommate did finally come back, and the sound of her opening the door finally woke me up.

  • This recurring nightmare leads Zach in search of an explanation

    I’d find myself in an incredibly long hallway made of large golden bricks. About the size of cinder blocks, they were bumpy and slightly rough looking with a dull golden glow to them. I’d walk down the enormous hallway to find myself at a door. The door wasn’t a modern looking door we see today. It was as if it were from an old castle. I’d walk through the door and enter a large circular room. Along the walls of the gigantic circular room were dozens upon dozens of doorways, all open. I’d walk into the center of the room and then every single open doorway surrounding me would suddenly slam shut. Immediately after, the ceiling would start to slowly come down onto me. I never panicked in the dream, I just stood still and watched the ceiling come down onto me. But the exact moment the ceiling reached me, I would awake.

    For years I’d have this dream every other month or so and wake up every time in the middle of the night sometimes sweating. I noticed the dream stopped around 7th or 8th grade. When I looked into the meaning, the best answer I got was this: The long hallway represents growing up through life. The large circular room with open doorways are all the opportunities in life. But the doors shutting and the ceiling coming down represents not doing anything with life and running out of time. Not sure how this all explains the golden bricks or old styled doors and how well I can picture them in my head, or the waking up in the middle of the night. But it was the best answer I got.

  • Mandy stays in a hotel with malicious spirits, sees them in her nightmare

    A little backstory: My husband and I had visited the historic Stockyards in Fort Worth over Labor Day weekend. We stayed in a historic hotel that used to be a boarding house. We had joked about the place maybe being haunted, but I didn’t get a weird vibe from staying there. The morning we were leaving, I overheard the inn keeper telling a family that they “had a priest come in ask for the malicious spirits to leave, but the spirit of a young boy could stay”. I raised my eyebrows, but didn’t think much of it. The only thought I had was that I hope nothing followed me from that place as you have to be careful what you wonder about in a location like that. Fast forward to the day I dropped my husband off at the airport to fly home back to Philadelphia while I remained in Texas for another week. It had been an early morning so I went back to my hotel room to catch a nap.

    Then the unthinkable happens. Every time I tried to get a handle on the direction of the dream I was in, these two men with sunken eyes and pale faces showed up and would gesture in directions that my feet made me follow. It was as if they knew what was going to happen next and kept leading me in the wrong direction. I kept feeling like I couldn’t breathe and finally turned to them and saw them in full. They were in old clothing, shirts and coveralls with dark disheveled hair and facial hair. I tried to scream out to them and ask how they knew what was going to happen next. One of the male individuals began to speak through me and the wind was sucked from my lungs as he mouthed “BECAUSE THERE IS EVIL IN YOU”.

    I woke up shaken and confused by the men I saw and didn’t know from the dream and reeling from the sensation of not being able to breathe. I decided to say aloud to whatever it was that might be on or around me that is wasn’t welcome and to go back from where it came. I didn’t have anymore nightmares and the strange men stayed away.

  • An angry animal is at the center of Tom’s worst nightmare Read More: An angry animal is at the center of Tom’s worst nightmare

    When I was a kid growing up, I used to dream a kangaroo was chasing me, caught me and beat the crap out of me…with boxing gloves on. It was a really mean Kangaroo. What’s worse, it was recurring, and something that scares you that much, there’s nothing worse than recurring.

  • Jeanine’s nightmare about a hotel trip from hell

    In 1999, I was in Southern California on business training for a new job. I was 29 years old, and it was my first time in California, and first time traveling alone. On my first night at the hotel, I was thrilled to have a huge room all to myself. It was on the first floor of the hotel and there was sliding glass doors that lead to the outside. There were parking spaces right outside the sliding door, so that night when I went to bed, I made sure to close all the curtains so no one could see inside, and to shield the room from headlights should someone park outside my door. When the curtains were closed, the room was pitch dark, not a speck of light anywhere. I go to sleep probably the second my head hit the pillow.

    During the night, I become aware of a shadow in the shape of a man standing at the middle of the end of the bed. The room is pitch dark already, but I see a shadow. I can tell it is a man, and not a woman. I laid very still and think to myself “maybe if I don’t move, he won’t see me”. Then the shadow head appears to be glaring at me, and I realize it sees that I am awake. I instantly felt afraid. Suddenly the shadow quickly in a gliding motion came around to the left side of the bed, and I felt an ice cold breeze across my face. The shadow was on the side of the bed, watching me. It put both hands on the edge of the bed and leaned closer to me. I rolled towards the shadow as he pressed down on the mattress. I tried to pretend I was sleeping. Next thing I feel is my heart racing and the shadow is gone.

    After this night, I brought a nightlight to all my hotel trips. I still don’t like to sleep in pitch dark. This occurred 16 years ago, and the hairs still stand on my arm when I tell this story.

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