A newspaper editorial is calling for south Jersey Congressman to leave office in the wake of being named one of the "12 most corrupt members of Congress" by a Washington DC watchdog group.

Rob Andrews (D)

The non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) named Andrews to the list during the week.

The House Ethics Committee says it will take more time to review allegations that Andrews misused campaign funds by spending them on personal expenses. Earlier this year, The Associated Press reported that the campaign-funded trips to California happened regularly beginning in 2007.

Andrews said in a statement when the probe was first called for in July  that the committee will clear him of accusations that he called “politically motivated” and “totally and categorically false.” He also said that the accusations involve campaign funds and not taxpayer money and that the campaign money was “properly spent and fully disclosed.”

“I am humbled and honored to serve in the Congress. In the course of my service, I have always followed every rule and standard,” he said.

Andrews said the investigation was sparked by a call for a probe last November by local Republican officials in New Jersey.

"Is this what we have to show for" After 22 Years In Congress?

"The CREW listing is just a reminder of how embattled Andrews has become," writes the editorial board of the Glouester County Times. "Although Andrews has not been found to have committed a violation, the Federal Election Commission committee will study the congressional allegations, while the FEC pursues its own inquiry. Such high-profile investigations will not only absorb much of Andrews’ time and energy for the remainder of this session but, even in the unlikely event that he should be completely exonerated, irreparably destroy his effectiveness."

Andrews is running for re-election against Republican Gregory Horton.

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