Q. I still have not received my final 2015 consolidated 1099 forms from my Wells Fargo accounts. When can I expect these documents so that I can file my tax returns?
— Impatient

A. Delays in getting the paperwork needed to file tax returns are not uncommon.

The delays are frustrating for taxpayers and for accountants, said Gail Rosen, a Martinsville-based certified public accountant.

She said brokerage firms have a deadline to send these forms to taxpayers by Feb. 15 and to the IRS by March 31, but the brokerage houses can get an extension of time to file and/or issue amended forms.

“From the notes I saw from my clients who have Wells Fargo, they will have all forms by March 15,” Rosen said. “This is very frustrating. This makes it very hard for you and for us as tax preparers who have a very condensed time to get tax returns done.”

Wish we had better news for you. Talk to your tax preparer about the delays and make sure you don’t miss the April 15 deadline.

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