Foxes are pretty normal here in the Garden State. Heck, they're all over South Jersey's shore towns. The locals love them! They're usually seen in places like Brigantine and Ocean City. At least, those are usually the South Jersey beach towns where you hear about the most fox sightings.

Consider this your yearly reminder not to lose your mind if you spot them in your yard over the next few months. You know what season comes after winter, right? Spring, that's right! All the babies are born in spring! So, right now, if you spot a fox in your yard once or twice over the next few weeks, there's a good chance they're making a den for their babies that are soon to be born. Consider it an honor!

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A recent Facebook post is reminding Jersey residents, particular those in Galloway, not to automatically assume that a fox is rabid. Not every fox you see has rabies. Don't rob it of a family by calling animal control because you're just not used to seeing them on your property.

Don't forget, the soon-to-be fox family won't be staying on your property forever. Maybe you have a shed that the fox is digging under so her that her kits will be super comfy come spring? The post also reminds us that foxes don't tend to stay in the same den for a lengthy period of time. So, enjoy your fox sightings while you can.

It may not feel like it, but spring is right around the corner! Let mama fox prepare for her babies without interference.

Source: Facebook

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