Lou Monte, the guy who sings about the little donkey climbing the hills of Italy, lived in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

I was so new to New Jersey 101.5 that I wasn't doing a regular weeekend music show at the time.  I think I was filling in for Big Joe on a Friday night, and the listener line rang.  Just before picking up the line, I turned down the studio speakers...so "Dominick The Donkey" faded into my background.

A very emotional gentleman says hello, and explains that he is related to Lou Monte, "who we lost a few years ago" (1989).  He tells me that he and his family are thrilled to hear "Dominick the Donkey."  That hearing it makes them feel like their relative is still with them.  And he says: "We're very proud to hear Uncle Lou's song on New Jersey's radio station."

The power of New Jersey 101.5 is amazing.

Merry Christmas, Monte Family and relatives..."proud to be FROM New Jersey!"