So as parents, we're now being given a choice as to whether or not we want to send our children to school in the fall or have them learn online at home. After having them home at the end of last year, I voted for my future 8th grade twin sons to go back. Surprisingly they did too.

Still, there are conditions that must be met with going back that New Jersey is still trying to figure out. Of course, they will have to wear masks and let's not forget about the social distancing. I asked my son if those rules are actually possible to happen and he laughed.

First off, as crowded as these schools are, I'm figuring the hope is many people will choose online learning so they can free up space in the schools. Since Judi covered kids wearing masks, I'll take social distancing. An Associated Press survey of New Hampshire students says:

"Teachers were far less likely to say students will be able to maintain new restrictions such as social distancing and avoiding congregating in groups. Just 8% of teachers said they agreed that students would comply, while 20% of parents with children in kindergarten through 5th grade agreed, along with 23% of the parents of middle-schoolers and 28% of the parents of high school students."

Of course they're not going to socially distance, they're kids in school. They're going to be hanging out together, eating together and walking the halls together. How can you expect kids of any age to stay six feet apart from each other? How can they make friends? What kind of experience is that? Try to imagine if you had to stay six feet away from everyone when you were in school. In Michigan, they're not going to even require socially distancing.

In New Jersey, they plan to, but as Robert Burns says in "To A Mouse," "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." As plans often do in New Jersey.

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