Traffic fatalities and overall crashes from distracted driving and are out pacing those from impaired driving and speeding. It's a big problem and of course the government thinks it can fix it, but they can't. We already have laws on the books to prevent, discourage and punish distracted driving and cell phone use.

So what do we do? Well our legislature wants to do what they always do, commission another task force. Some in the NJ Legislature are frustrated that they can't get a bill passed to commission a task force to study it. Too bad their friends will have to wait for this little favor to become a reality. Awww.

Isn't that what we pay politicians to do? Come up with solutions to public safety issues. They've already passed enough laws to discourage people from doing it, but they're still doing it. How about making everyone watch a gruesome educational video on the deadly effects of distracted driving before every license renewal? Some people will still do it. I know people who've been in accidents caused by cell phone use and they still do it. Does that mean nothing can be done? Yeah, maybe nothing can be done by government to prevent bad things from happening.

These two modern conveniences don't mix well. Driving and being tethered to your mobile device. Maybe it's a matter of enough people being so severely impacted by the danger that they'll finally wake up. I'm not sure of the exact answer, but I've commissioned a study comprised of my closest friends, contributors and people I owe favors to, to come up with the solution. When I get the answer, I'll publish a report and blame whatever unintended consequences or ineffectiveness on the task force. Thanks!

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