Marion and Dennis Zilinski said goodbye to their son Lt. Dennis W. Zilinski II in 2005 when he was deployed to Iraq. His mom Marion told me on the air about the last conversation she had with him, asking him if he was afraid. In true hero fashion, the young man told his mom he was afraid of losing one of his soldiers and returning home only to have that conversation with the lost soldier’s parents.

Lt. Zilinski never had to have that uncomfortable conversation. He was killed in action soon after his deployment. It was another member of the military who had to have the conversation with his parents. His parents, Marion and Dennis, who have another son deployed in Kosovo right now as a member of the New Jersey National Guard, took their pain and heartache and turned it into action.

Every year they hold a gala event to raise money for the Lt. Dennis W. Zilinski II Foundation. The foundation uses funds to pay for veteran amputees, service dogs, scholarships and packages to deployed soldiers.  Help this outstanding cause if you are able. Click HERE for more information.

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