Penn State was a shocker, granted.  However it didn't make the meteoric news impact it did because the crime was anything new.  It made the news because of WHO is accused of it and WHERE.  The horror felt when reading of the heinous acts should be felt every time we pick up a newspaper.  Like this story of a man in his 40's found with a missing 13 year old girl from Massachusetts.

She had been missing from her family home since Nov. 4th.  Or there's this story out of Lawrence.  A 52 yr old accused of raping a 12 year old boy.  A teacher's aide working in the public school system no less.

The cases are endless, and the abuse begets abuse.  During the time of the Megan Kanka case in the 90's I toured the sex offender prison in Avenel.  For those who don't know, it's just what you think.  A prison specifically set aside just for sex offenders.  I spoke with their psychiatrists, their warden, their guards, and I spoke with their prisoners.  The most frightening part is that they didn't look all that frightening.  You would never have known these men were monsters.  They display no mark of the beast.  They could be anybody.  They could be Jerry Sandusky or your own uncle or the guy standing behind you at a convenience store.

But they know they're monsters.  They know they are a ticking human time bomb.  If you're one of them, you have to know, don't you, that your drives are deviant?  That what's inside you if let out will destroy a child in every way that matters?  How do you not stop yourself?  How do you not put an end to it by putting an end to yourself?  Do you hope like a junkie that just one more 'fix' will then allow you to stop?  Do you hope each victim is your last?  Or do you actually enjoy the shattered lives you leave behind?  I don't get you.  Ultimately, please, do the right thing for our species and take your own life.