One of the things I treasure most about New Jersey? There are just so many unique experiences to have. So many adventures to embark upon. And for such a little state, there are just so many "wow" moments to savor. It’s one wow after another, after another — no matter your tastes, interests, hobbies, and location.

I have to share my latest "wow" discovery. The brand new Jersey Brews Trail. Maybe you've heard of wine trails and food trails. And now the great Garden State has a statewide collection of amazing craft breweries for beer drinkers, beer tasters, and beer lovers alike.

I want to give you a little tour of the best features of the Jersey Brews Trail. So you'll be ready to find new places to sit and sip with friends new and old. And earn some free swag along the way.

Of course, it needs to be said: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase and consume alcohol at participating Jersey Brews Trail merchants.

This article is part of a special series brought to you by the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism.

Free Mobile Guide

The backbone of the Jersey Brews Trail is the free mobile guide, available from, the official tourism website for the State of New Jersey.

There's no app to download. You just fill out your contact information to sign up for the trail pass, and then you'll get a text message and an email with the link to the guide for future reference. As smooth and easy as a refreshing lager or golden ale.

When you first launch the mobile guide, it will ask you to share your location. This is important for the mapping feature. Under the "Experiences" tab at the bottom, you will be able to see nearby Jersey Brews Trail participants. In addition, you can scroll through the entire list of breweries.

Pro tip: There are Help and FAQ pages throughout the mobile guide that are very thorough and well-written. If you have any questions or issues while drinking your way around the state, that is a good place to start.

Jersey Brews Trail app
Jersey Brews Trail app

Dozens of NJ Breweries

I like to think of myself as a New Jersey expert. (It's kind of my job.) And even I had NO idea there were so many amazing craft breweries operating throughout the state. When I opened the mobile guide just now, I had 51 show up on the list. Including three within five miles of my house. (Your mileage may vary, of course, as breweries may be added or removed from the trail at any time.)

Click on a listing and you get the logo, address, and a nice description. I love how the guide highlights any "must-try" signature drafts, special themes, or sights to see.


Theoretically, you could travel the Jersey Brews Trail to admire beautiful brewery decor. Or shop for some cool merch. Or enjoy some good conversation with staff or other trail explorers.

But let's get real — you're hitting the trail for the beer!

New Jersey's climate is conducive to growing the grain and hops that are crucial to making your favorite brews. From IPAs to wheat ales to pilsners to porters, and many more. Literally hundreds of varieties and flavors to taste and enjoy. Plus, New Jersey's culture is perfect for enjoying a good brew with good company.


Select stops on the trail also have discounts available on merchandise. You'll see these discounts prominently listed on the "Experiences" page and on each brewery's individual listing.

Just click on the coupon in that listing to redeem, and either save a few bucks or maybe score a bonus freebie.


You know, the Jersey Brews Trail project could have just featured the list of merchants in a sleek interface, and we would all be happy. But this next feature puts the mobile guide over the top.

Rewards. Swag. Free stuff!

Each trail listing has a button to "Check In". This is verified via location sharing, or by entering a special PIN number. By checking in, you'll earn points for cool rewards. Shipped right to your front door.

Check out the Rewards tab in the Jersey Brews Tour mobile guide to see what's currently available, and how many points are required. Just a few visits are enough to score some sweet swag.

Hmmm... Speaking of which, that exclusive Jersey Brews Tour glass would go great in my home barware collection. I can't wait to "wow" my guests with that one!

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