I was on New Jersey 101.5 the night after my father Albert Trevelise passed away on September 14, 2015. You grieve with family and I consider you, my listeners, very much a part of that. You could say we put the fun in dysfunctional.

That night I started the show on a crusade to bring food into funeral homes. I even took it on the road to Clayton McGrr funeral home. With friends and relatives coming from miles and miles away, why not have something waiting for them to eat and drink? Your funeral should be a celebration of your life. It's the last time you will entertain, why not do it the way you did it before you passed? It's also so much easier on family.

Finally New Jersey, which was one of the last states to restrict food at funeral homes, will lift the ban effective immediately!

Gov. Phil Murphy on Friday signed Senate Bill 2807, which allows food and drinks to be served at funeral homes. It's up to the owners, who I'm guessing will soon be adding dining areas and putting caterers on speed dial. "Death by Chocolate" could have a whole new meaning on your catering menu.

My father would have loved this! In fact he would have cooked for it!  When I was giving his eulogy I mentioned how great it would be if we could raise a glass and toast him. Now we can! Salute!

Next we should propose a bill to force family pictures at funerals. It's one of the few times we're all together and we're all wearing slimming black!

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