The writing is on the wall and you can read it even through a vapor haze. Flavored vapes will soon be banned in New Jersey. That is the strong recommendation of a task force Gov. Murphy put together just three weeks ago. There's already been legislation that would do just that, and Murphy has vowed to carry out the task force's recommendations.

It could go further. Senate President Steve Sweeney is on record as wanting all vape products banned in our state. The task force also recommends making it illegal for NJ residents to purchase vapes from online retailers, and there's even talk of only allowing the remaining legal vapes to be sold in places that won't let someone under 21 through the front door. In other words, all drug stores and other retailers that welcome customers under 21 to buy anything else would not be allowed to sell vape products.


Is it just me or does three weeks to study an issue that is even stumping the scientists at the CDC rather quick? Seems like the task force was a formality with foregone conclusions already in mind.

All of this is in the name of keeping flavored vapes out of the hands of children. Indeed the number of high school students now vaping has exploded in a short period of time, and the prevailing wisdom is that they are drawn in by the wild flavors.

So how wild to some of these vape flavors get? I did a brief internet search and these are the craziest ones I could find.

Worcestershire Sauce
A salty sweet vinegary abomination is not something I would want to vape.

Tuna is a super healthy food. But if you like super healthy things, you're probably not vaping.

Does anyone really want this?

Roast Chicken
According to the site, not a single review could be found on this, possibly because no one wants to be the first to vape a chicken.

Pickles and Peanut Butter
Yes, that's a thing. Hard to believe, right?

Wouldn't you just drink a beer instead?

Blue Cheese
Yes, a blue cheese flavor in a vape. Why for God's sake? Smells awful, tastes awful, and as this site put it for most it "tastes like cheese after it went for a walk in the rain."

Crab Legs
Again, is this a flavor that's in danger of attracting kids?

Stoned Smurf
What the heck is it? Who knows. But it is said to taste like marijuana mixed with blueberry.

Perhaps the key here is not banning all flavored vapes to protect kids. Perhaps they just need to mandate disgusting flavors only. And we're in the right state for it. Imagine a line of vape flavors like Fenimore Landfill, Exit 13A, Meadowlands Swamp Gas, Carteret Chemical Plant, etc.. Hmmm, I think I need a task force to study this idea. Should only take 3 weeks.

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