All the talk about the health "experts" pushing one shot after another got me thinking that the real result of all of the "expert" advice is to turn off normal people.

I have gotten the flu shot in the past, thinking that even with a relatively small percentage of success, it’s better than nothing, right? Then I started thinking about the propaganda surrounding masks and distance, exemplified by the allowance of BLM protests, but no parties at the beach? Hmm.

Then I saw the report from the CDC about how many people wearing masks are testing positive for coronavirus. Turns out that among the positive "cases" in July, seven out of 10 so-called "infected" wear a mask ALWAYS. Another 20% wear it OFTEN. Fewer than 1 in 20 cases were recorded among people who say they never wear a mask. Now we have the WHO coming out strongly against lockdowns, it seems we’ve come full circle. The issue is that the same elite bureaucrats and so-called medical "experts" are the ones pushing for a vaccine and imploring all of us to get a flu shot.

For me, I’m passing on both. I’d rather take my chances with a virus that I have a greater than 99.9% chance of beating than trust the propaganda coming from the lab coat establishment bent on eroding our civil and economic liberty in the name of safety. For me, it’s about taking a stand against the real danger, government-mandated shots. How about you?

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