Several people report that they were kicked off a Delta flight at Reagan National Airport in Washington DC because they were Trump supporters. There absolutely could be more to the story. However, I don’t doubt that something like this could happen in this day and age. According to many news sources (obviously including any in the mainstream), having a private conversation about enthusiastically supporting Trump is what caused these people to be removed. According to an article from the UK’s independent, this is what seems to have happened. Nobody really knows the full story.

Although dozens of sources are reporting it, you will not see or hear anything about it on CNN, MSNBC, or ABC news. And, details about the story are understandably sketchy and varied because people are afraid to report exactly just what happened. Trump haters are, predictably, delighted, thanking Delta Airlines on Twitter and labeling the people involved “insurgents” and “terrorists”. A quick look at the video which has been widely circulated shows you what “domestic terrorists” allegedly look like.

On Twitter, Mike Yoder is one of many people who posted the video, tweeting:

A woman in the video says, “All I did was cheer. I have no money to get home.” A man says: “I said Trump 2020 and they kicked me off the plane. They kicked me off Delta Airlines because I said Trump 2020.” Delta claims they were removed for unruly behavior, which they have not specified.

Even if you don’t believe the story at all and even if you believe these people were rowdy and unruly, here’s how you know it’s possible for this to actually happen: True or untrue, Yoder’s tweet states that the people were removed simply for supporting Trump. And many replies reflected enthusiastic support of the removal—based solely on their knowledge of the passengers’ opinion of Trump. One replied giddily “That’s awesome. Well done, @Delta.” And this breathless reply: “Trump just staged an attempted coup, so they did the right thing”

Many on Twitter also doubted that this was the sole reason the people were removed. But that’s irrelevant. Because the fact is, large amounts of Americans agreed with the idea of removing passengers for their support of President Trump. Whether it was true or not. Which means it’s possible, if not plausible, that even if this actually didn’t take place the way they are claiming it did, it will soon. People will get to the point, as they do in communist oligarchies, where they have to watch what they say. It’s coming. Or is it here already?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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