A hater tried to send me Corona in the mail. ... I drank it over the weekend.

The coronavirus fear is so bad in New Jersey that two Guys closed their meth lab and are now making bootleg hand sanitizer.

Coronavirus fear is so bad in New Jersey that wives have a new reason not to touch their husbands. "Did you shake anyone's hand today?" "No but I used a condom with the comare." "Ok. Just make sure you don't shake anyone's hand."

Some people think fear when they think of the coronavirus, others look it in the eye and laugh in its face. That's providing, of course, a virus does indeed have a face. Here are some corona jokes I got from my social media that could hopefully put a smile on yours.

But seriously, coronavirus is no laughing matter and you should definitely be taking precautions like washing your hands and staying with New Jersey 101.5 for up-to-the-minute updates on what's going on with coronavirus in New Jersey.

Now here's the funny:

Chris McKelvey: "The corona fear is so bad that Mexicans won’t drink it anymore!"

Chris Civatte: "To battle the negative impact of the name coronavirus...Corona beer now provides 6 masks per 6 pack."

Robert Condrillo: "The fearless leader Murphy will chase Covid-19 when he threatens it with a biological tax."

Scott Russell: "The Corona fear is so bad that limes are staying away from it too."

Scott Soffen: "The NY Knicks closed their games to the public. NO ONE NOTICED."

Irv Slifkin: "Corona is getting such bad press that limes are going on strike."

Chris Civatte: "Breaking News : World Health Organization has issued a statement that animals can not transmit Corona and that all animals, including dogs, should be released from quarantine. 'WHO Let the Dogs Out!!'"

And the funniest corona bit comes from Vic DiBitetto.

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