Joe Torre made me do it!

Not that he himself called and told me to get checked out.

But I remember what it was like when he announced to the world his diagnosis of prostate cancer in 1999, which came on the eve of Darryl Strawberry’s recovery from colon cancer.

And somehow the reality clicked that since I was approaching the “golden plateau”, I needed to get checked for all those “50ish” things.

Things like regular prostate exams and colonoscopies.

Not a pleasant thought, but necessary nonetheless.

So I decided to “wear the gown”. (If you’re a regular “Late Show” listener, you, no doubt have heard the public service announcement that “real men wear gowns.”

So I decided to become part of the gown-wearing, ass-bearing set, and put on the gown….ass ways!

And get checked every 5 years.

I make a joke out of it, but having a regular prostate exam and especially a colonoscopy is pretty serious, more so if someone in your family has had colon cancer.

And in the best of circumstances, starting at age 50 is the rule…earlier if the predisposition exists.

This is a quick thumbnail sketch of what the procedure is like.

Laugh along, won’t you?

And make sure that you make the appointment to “wear the gown!”

Just make sure you figure out how to tie the damn thing!

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