College not for you? Tried it, but didn't like it? Maybe thinking about wanting a skill and a career right out of high school? I was invited to speak at one of New Jersey's premier technical education centers, ACI Medical and Dental School in Eatontown, Monmouth County.

The president Frank, and Christine, the school's VP, invited me in through mutual friend Bob Considine at NJBIA. From the building and the 115-year-old brick walls to the soaring ceilings and modern furniture, it's a great place to learn.

ACI President Frank, Bill Spadea, and the school's VP Christine
ACI President Frank, Bill Spadea, and the school's VP Christine

We spoke about the incredible opportunity for young people to spend 14 weeks instead of 4 years and graduate into a rewarding and lucrative career.

Medical and dental fields are in high demand, from the patient side to the administrative, and opportunities exist across NJ.

Bill Spadea's visit to ACI
Bill Spadea's visit to ACI

One of the best parts is that the total cost is about $13,000 instead of the crushing six-figure cost of college which typically puts students in debt for many, many years. 94% of the students are placed in jobs almost immediately after graduation!

Bill Spadea's visit to ACI
Bill Spadea's visit to ACI

I took the time to speak about the important things we need to see coming from the new government that will replace the Murphy administration in January 2026. Here are six immediate action items:

1️⃣ Ending the stigma about not going to college. Public relations and reinstituting skills training at the high school level.

2️⃣ Tax credits for companies to hire graduating high school seniors.

3️⃣ Tax credits to students choosing technical schools to alleviate the tax burden while they pay off the tuition.

4️⃣ Rating school success with the percentage of kids employed immediately after graduation instead of the arbitrary "college acceptance" percentages and tie funding to a broader definition of success.

5️⃣ Overhaul the Department of Education to reflect the values of choice in education, the value of technical training, and career selection.

6️⃣ Alleviate the regulatory burden to allow faster growth and expansion of Career and Technical Education schools.

New Jersey's economy relies on the strength of our small business community. 1.9 million workers and thousands of businesses inducing many private practices needing trained medical and dental technicians and administrators. They deserve a government in Trenton that works for YOU. Accountable, efficient, supportive government has been lacking for decades. It's time we change that.

In the meantime, your next great career move could start today at ACI. What are you waiting for?

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