On NJ 101.5's Ask the Governor program with Chris Christie Wednesday, host Eric Scott sprung a somewhat unexpected question on the governor, submitted by a listener: Could Christie, perhaps, "convince [Justin Bieber] to do a benefit concert for all those suffering after Sandy?"

It wasn't an easy question – and Christie didn't have an answer right off the bat. It didn't get easier for him, either, as Bieber's hit, "Baby," starting playing in the studio.

"This is an abomination," Christie joked. "To put this music on as the lead-in out of my show."

But the music just kept on playing. Christie looked over at his daughter, Bridgette, but he wasn't getting any help.

"Haven't I had a tough enough month...I gotta deal with Bieber?" The governor shifted a bit in his seat. "I'm gonna get ill."

Luckily, the show changed pace and closed out as it often does with a little Bruce Springsteen.