Carl Lewis, the great Olympic champion, and one of the great athletes of our time, was denied a place on the 8th district ballot as Democratic candidate for State senate. He was judged to have not established the required residence requirement.

This has not stopped Lewis from hitting the political trail to build support for the next time out in two years. Lewis may have been disqualified from running this time on a technicality. But in a recent political appearance in Willingboro, in Burlington County, proves Lewis is indeed qualified to be a New Jersey elected official: he lied. Made claims against Republican State Senator Diane Allen that patently were not true.

They were false at worst and just plain fatuous at best. So we congratulate Carl Lewis, the newest protege of undisputed Boss George Norcross III, on this Rite of Passage in the New Jersey Political process: making false statements about a potential opponent. Wonder how fast he can run with his pants on fire?