First, many schools start closed to in-person instruction due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now high school sports are being suspended in two more New Jersey districts. While I can understand the former — what's the point of spending all that time and money to open schools just to close them in a few days or weeks? — I completely disagree with the latter.

These athletes have been coupled up virtually learning, mostly away from their friends and teammates for months. They need a release, as do the students who support them. High school sports bring people together and schools desperately need that right now.

Many of these high school athletes have dreams and ambitions of getting college scholarships, maybe even turning pro someday. They should not be crushed by a coronavirus pandemic. As senior girls soccer player Emma Keefe said, "we cannot live in fear and put our lives on hold forever." The Burlington City Board of Education moved its scheduled meeting up a week to Monday to reconsider its decision to not hold a fall sports and marching band season. Let's hope its members do the right thing and keep them going.

The guidelines are in place. So far, it's working on a professional level. Colleges are coming back across the country. We can make this work.

Each member of a team, playing or not has a responsibility to the team to be able to contribute and as Bill Belichick says, "do your job." Part of your job if you're an athlete is to stay away from large parties or gatherings that can put you at risk for testing positive. If you really desire a career in sports, don't let a moment of stupidity by putting yourself at risk ruin it for you. This pandemic has already ruined enough.

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