After hearing a few critical callers complaining about still not having power, Brick Mayor Steve Acropolis called in to Jim's show to update everyone on the process to get those homes inspected.


Aerial photo ot damage in Brick from Sandy
Aerial photo ot damage in Brick from Sandy (Tim Larson, Governor's Office)

The mayor is frustrated with JCP&L, as well as the process for the inspections of homes that were deemed uninhabitable due to flooding, The problem as mayor Acropolis has stated, is the fact that there were over 7,000 homes that had flood damage in Brick, yet JCP&L has only pulled meters and called for inspections on roughly 1,500 -1,800 houses?

Normally, a town has one electrical inspector. How are they supposed to inspect 7,000 homes? That is obviously an impossible task. Thankfully, Acropolis reports that the DCA has sent multiple inspectors, to assist with the process.

The town is trying to do what it can to inspect and restore power to all homes as quickly as possible but the mayor told Jim that this is a process, going forward, that is going to have to be studied and really be fine tuned going forward.

You can listen to the entire interview with Jim and Mayor Acropolis below.

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