High hair, rude drivers, the mafia, the Real Housewives of NJ's antic all pale in comparison to how embarrassing it is to have Cory Booker as our US Senator in New Jersey. His antics at Senate hearings, his outlandish claims and totally phony behavior leading up to and during his presidential bid is enough to make you vomit. But somehow he won a Senate seat here, even after his constituents in Newark, when he was mayor, called him a fraud and a joke. Every time he made an appearance on the national stage, it was cringe worthy at best. Yet somehow, either through identity politics or sheer audio volume, he managed to get enough attention to launch a presidential primary campaign.

He is thankfully on the brink of giving up his bid to run your life and that of all Americans. Here's a guy who went to Stanford, was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford and got his law degree from Yale. Pretty impressive credentials for a guy from New Jersey. If we measure someone's intelligence by their educational resume, this guy would seem to be a genius. But he's so ensconced in his far left progressive, intersectional, identity politics bubble, that he cannot possible relate to the average American or anyone outside his bubble for that matter.

If we get the news many proud New Jerseyans are hoping for this week, Booker ending his run for President, we can finally breathe a collective sigh of relief that this embarrassing dog and pony show has thankfully come to a quiet end. Don't get too comfortable though. Cory has been carefully planning his ascent into the rarified air of the national spotlight of politics for a long time, and he still will remain our US Senator. He will still have ample opportunity to continue his moronic antics and further embarrass most of us for years to come. He will get re-elected to the Senate, after all this is New Jersey.

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